Superior Cane Corso Is Now Exotic South African Boerboel Breeders

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The best dog I ever owned is the only dog I will ever breed the South African Boerboel!

female Boerboel puppy 8 months

Its hard to take any thing away from a good Cane Corso. And I truly believe that it is a matter of personal preference. Before you buy any dog for sale you need to ask yourself Why do I want this dog? What purpose will it serve me?. Because these are key factors in determining which dog will be the best dog for you. Dogs have been bred for thousands of years for the serving a purpose. So you have to understand Why you want a dog before deciding on a Cane Corso or a South African Boerboel

If I had to buy cane Corso there is only a few breeders that I would buy on from. One of the top breeders of my type of Cane Corso is Dei La Onda cane Corso. Tthis is what I consider a breeder who has found that perfect balance between beauty and function.

La Onda Cane Corso

Another breeder of excellent Cane Corso is Courtnee Gee of Celebrity Cane Corso. The Cane Corso I witnessed on my visit to his property were all in fabolous condition. well kept clean and in excellent health. This is a breeder with great visions of what a Cane Corso should be.

Celebrity Cane Corso

The main difference between Cane Corso and South African Boerboel is the type of work that they were originally intended to do. The South African Boerboel had to defend against some of the most formiddable predators on earth. There fore a large powerful dog was required. So Naturally South African Boerboels are much larger and more muscular thant your typical Canr Corso. This does have its dis advantages as well. Although there are always going to be exceptions to any rule most of the time South African Boerboels have less endurance and stamina than the average Cane Corso. This is directly related to the fact that the boerboel is larger with big and heavy muscles resulting in a dog with more power and strength but less stamins for the long fight.

Differences do offer advantages. One of the main differences between the two dogs is that the Standard Cane Corso is a slimmer dog with less bone and lean muscles. This dog may not possess the power of the Boerboel but what they may lack in power they make up for with speed, quickness, and endurance. To make a long story short the Cane Corso is a better long distance runner.

South African boerboels and Italian Cane Corso Share more similarities than differences.

All in all they are both loyal smart fierce protectors that form a strong bond to their families. Both Boerboels and Corso need adequate excersie in order to reach their full potential. Both of these breeds require experienced owners.