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Understanding Breed Clubs, Pedigrees Standards and Registrations

Because there is so much on going fued amongst boerboel breeders and organizations. On this page we will attempt to clarify who the the major organizations are what purposes they serve and why it is relevant to the South African Boerboel breeders owners and enthusiast.Below we have included a link to the video pedigree dogs exposed


because we believe that it will help shed light on a HUGE problem that we are discovering witht the way that dogs are registered and bred.


Pedigree:The actual document used to record ancestors used in the selective breeding of animals.

Kennel Club: organization based around purebred dog clubs. Also know as all breed clubs. Primary focus is recognized purebred dogs, preserve pedigrees, regulate dogs show/events. Started in Europe mid 19th century by english aristocrats.

Breed Club: Centered around one particular breed. Organizes Breed specific events activities and conformation shows. Purposes intended vary based upon breed or species.

Purebreed: A pure strain resulting from breeding of Also known as purebreds is a selecivly bred dog of a distinct variety. Recorded lineage makes it pedigreed.

AKC (American Kennel Club) Is one of the major registries in the United States of America. Started in 1884 as a club of clubs following the set of precedents set in England by the Kennel Club

SABT (South African Boerboel Breeders Association) The founding boerboel organization. The founding memebers of the SABT selected the original 72 boerboels that formed the boerboel breed base.

NKC ( National Kennel Club) A dog registry started in 1964. Liscences all breed shows and events for various hunting dog breeds. Also overseas the National Hybrid Registry. Operates to help dog owners register any purebred dog.

HSBA (Historical Boerboel association of South Africa)Second none boerboel organization. Formed when a dispute over a Sabt appraisal could not reach a resolution. Registered the first black boerboels Muller Poppie and Muller Lady.

ABC (American Boerboel Club) Formed by Pam Senffner of Castle Inu Boerboels. After frustrations with the SABT over fees appraisals and the ever changing standard. This is the parent club of the AKC Foundation Stock Service.

BI (Boerboel International) Yet another boerboel organization founded 2008. Has their own ideals for the boerboels.

USBA (United States Boerboel Association)When the very first boerboels began to arrive in the United State the numbers were so few that it was not economically feasable to send over appraisers twice a year so people who raised puppies for breeding were forced to wait years

WWB (Worldwide Boerboel)This Registry was formed by Roger from Atomic Boerboels.

EBBASA (Elite Boerboel breeders Association) This was the third Boerboel association that I know of. Their purpose is not much different than all the others they collect fees for registrations appraisals membership dues internationally.

UKBC (United Kingdom Boerboel Club) The first Boerboel breed club based in the united kingdom

Why are there so may different South African boerboel organizations?

Being innterested in the Boerboel since the late 1990s we have witnessed various breed clubs emerge and fade away specifically focused on the boerboel. The reason we see so is because boerboels are such a special type of dog thatwhen people get involved n the breed they get emotionally attached. It is easy to see how and why because boerboels are extremely loyal and faithful dogs. but people are not so much. There are quite a few people looking to make money off of the rise in popularity of the boerboels . all otf them are not breeders.

Registries and Breed Clubs make millions of dollars a year without ever owning any dogs. In fact in 2011 The Akc annual report listed over$28 million in assets an close to $23 million in registration fees just for 2011. So yes dog breeding is a million dollar industry but the money is not made by the BREEDERS the money is made by the associations and the registering organizations. Just for clarity sake MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE MADE BY REGISTERING ORGANIZATIONS not South African Boerboel Breeders.

Back when I first got into the Boerboels I would contact Pam Senffner Castle INU boerboels. Pam was very passionate about boerboels. She had travelled to south africa and brought back the highest quality boerboels that she could find at the time.

If you have done your homework and i certainly hope that yul have. You will se that their are several organizations reistering boerboels. Why are their so many organizations registering boerboels. Well itys simple . Money. The boerboels are becoming highly popular and simply put all of the rganizations want a piace of the money.

So let me give you are take on pured bred dogs and the pure bred diog organizations involved in the boerboel. Becasue you can register your boerboel with so many different organizations we want to guide you and help you on your mission

first of all lwets start with what wre theese organizations and what do they do. The purpose oft the registey is to officially record the lineage heritage pedigree of the dog. The Organization purpose is to terack and record a dogs lineage. Some organizations go a step further thatn just recording the pedigree and hold sanctioned show trials and events for the breed. So In the case of a show dogs the have what is basically a dog beauty pageant. Like a miss america contest. Where the judging is based mostly on looks according to what the judgefeels that proper correct boerboel does look like and or should look like.

So basically the Standard ios the set of guidlines that a breeder has to go by as a criteria for breeding. a breed standard says what a dog should look and act like.

Well I am sure you are asking how does an organization expect all the dogs to conform to the written standard? All dogs are different correct.Yea that is very true but when you are taliking about a purebred that mean a dog who closely resemplble what is written on a piece of paper say it should like. Theres nothing more.

A purebred dog is a dog who ancestrors can be traced. Pure bred dogs of the same breed are in most cases relatives. That is basically what a man made pure bred dog is a dog who come from a certain family of dogs and there fore closely resemble those dogs.

All of our foudation boerboels are registered through the original founding association for the boerboel the SABT

SABT Boerboel Breeders Association
Boerboel International EBBASA
Breed standards Summarized

For a boerboel
Any serious deviations and/or combinations of deviations from the Breed Standard that affect the dog’s health and/or performance negatively are considered unacceptable and can lead to disqualification in the appraisal ring, at the discretion of a senior appraiser.
Temperament and character of a boerboel
The Boerboel is manageable, reliable, obedient and intelligent with strong protective instincts. The
Boerboel is self-confident and fearless. Uncontrollably aggressive and fearful Boerboels are

Boerboel international adds

General appearance of a boerboel
The Boerboel is a large dog. The Boerboel has prominent and well-developed musculature over the entire body with buoyant movement – an impressive and imposing figure of strength.
Males are distinctly masculine, whilst bitches are clearly feminine.
The ideal size of a male dog is 66cm – lower than 60cm is unacceptable.
The ideal height of a bitch is 61cm – lower than 55cm is unacceptable.
Important body proportions of a boerboel
The Boerboel is a perfectly balanced dog with all body parts being in proportion with one another.
The head is large and typically Boerboel.
The head is short, broad, deep, square, is muscular and has well-filled cheeks.
The plateau is wide and flat with prominent musculature.
The face gradually blends with the scull and may be with or without a black mask.
The stop is visible but not prominent.
The section between the eyes is well filled.
The nose is completely black with large, widely spaced nostrils.
The nasal bone is straight and parallel to the line of the cranial roof.
The nasal bone is deep, broad and tapers slightly towards the front.
The nasal bone is between 8 and 10cm long and is in proportion to the head.
The top lip is loose and fleshy and does not hang past the bottom jaw.
The top lip (under the nose) covers the bottom lip.
The bottom lip is not too loose and fleshy, with no excessive lip.
The jaws are strong, deep and broad and taper slightly towards the front.
The teeth are white, well developed, correctly spaced and complete, with an obvious
scissor bite.
An obvious excessive under- or over bite is unacceptable.
The colour of the eyes can be any shade of brown.
The eyes are set on the same horizontal level.
The eyes are widely spaced.
The eyelids are firm and well pigmented and have no structural deviations
The earflaps are medium sized, obviously V-shaped and in proportion to the head.
The earflaps are set quite high and wide. When attentive, the top of the earflaps must
form a straight line with the plateau.
The bottom edge of the earflap is in line with the dentition.
The neck forms a noticeable muscular arch with a high attachment at the shoulders.
The neck is of average length and in proportion to the rest of the dog.
The neck forms a unit with the head and shoulders.
The neck is strong and muscular with a firm attachment at the head. This attachment
gradually broadens towards the shoulders.
The dewlap is loose from under the chin and becomes taut between the forelegs.
Bitches appear more feminine due to supple musculature.
The forequarter is strong and muscular.
The shoulders are well attached, with well-defined musculature and correct angulation.
The chest is strong and muscular.
The chest is broad and placed deep between the forelegs.
The upper arms are muscular
The elbows are parallel with the body.
The forelegs are thick, strong, with well-defined musculature and are perfectly vertical
as seen from the front and the side.
The front pasterns are short, thick and strong and are in proportion to the length of the
The front pasterns are a vertical extension of the forelegs as seen from the front and
the side.
The forepaws are large, well padded and ball shaped with strong, curved, black
The forepaws point straight forward.
The centre piece of a boerboel
The body of the Boerboel narrows slightly in the loin area.
The topline is straight without deviations.
The back is straight, broad and has prominent back muscles.
The loin is short and strong.
The ribcage is well sprung and well filled behind the shoulder blades.
The hindquarter is strong, sturdy and muscular; it is in proportion with the rest of the dog and has the
ability to propel movement effectively.
The croup is broad, strong and has well-defined musculature. Seen from the side, it
drops slightly.
The tail is set high
It is straight and preferably short (three segments).
Long tails are permissible.
The upper thighs are broad, deep, well shaped and muscular – as seen from the side
and from behind.
The secondary thighs are well developed with prominent musculature.
The stifles (knees) are strong and firm with the correct angulation as seen from the
The hock joints are strong and firm.
Straight hind legs are unacceptable.
The hind pasterns are relatively short, strong, thick and are parallel with one another
as seen from behind.
Seen from the side, the hind pasterns are vertical.
The front of the hind pastern is in line with the back of the haunch.
Dewclaws may be removed.
The hind paws are slightly smaller than the forepaws.
They are well padded and well shaped and point straight to the front.
The toenails are strong, curved and black.
The skin is thick, loose and well pigmented with moderate wrinkles on the brow when the dog is attentive.
The coat is short and sleek with dense hair coverage. The recognised colours are all shades of yellow, brown or brindle.
Pigmentation of a boerboel
The Boerboel is well pigmented, especially on the lips; palate; the skin and hair around the eyes;
footpads; toenails; the anus and the skin and hair around the genitals.
General health of a boerboel
The general health of the Boerboel is of a high standard.
The reproductive organs are well developed.
Male dogs have two well-developed testicles, each in their scrotum.
Bitches have at least 8 teats.
The vulva is firm.
Movement of a boerboel
The movement of the Boerboel is easy, smooth, strong and purposeful with good
propulsion by the hindquarters, and parallel movement of the legs.
During movement the straight topline remains fixed.

In closing all of the organisations have the same standard for the boerboels. Where they differ in the color preferenceand a few minor details for the most part they still are all relativily doing the same thing . None of them has any sort of physical test to make sure that dogs are mentally stable and physicallty fit. Their is no way to determine that we are using nothing but the most fittest specimens for breeding. This is what we have to do more to change if we expect South african Boerboels to remain one of the most healthiest purebreeds in existence.

Jordan Pittman 216-244-2088

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