Translating the South African Boerboel Pedigree

A pedigree is the document used to record Ancestry.

The pedigree of your dog is the genetic blue print to how such a fine specimen was created. Many people see the pedigree as a registration document and nothing more. But to a Breeder the pedigree is much more for it holds the keys to achievement.

After you see a boerboel you like find its pedigree.

We beleive in heavily researching and studying a dogs pedigree before we decide to use that dog in our breeding program. All of the dog in the in the chart are like a recipe for the given dog. It shows where it all started and

Originally the founders of our breed went out and selected 80 or so dogs to be used to create the breed foundation. Of this original 80 some dogs produced better than others. To the South african Boerboel breeder finding out who these dogs were and how they were bred is vital information.

In most cases the dogs closest to the front (Parents/Grand Parents) of the pedigree usually have the greatest representation of dominat genes. So in effect it is imperative to have solid facts about the Sire Dam and Grandsires and Granddams.

Goals of a solid breeding program should be to eliminate faults and strengthen weaknesses and double up on sought after traits.

Our chosen boerboel bloodlines are based off of well known world champion boerboels phenotypes and genotypes . A guranteed way to advance the breed is to use these proven lines. Our foundation boerboel stock is directly from the elite champion South African Boerboel breeders in South Africa. We mimick their breeding trends and patterns to produce dogs the have the same desired traits. Before aquiring our dogs we studied the pedigrees back to the original 80 boerboels. Before importing we had to find out as much as we information as we could. Before breeding the magnificent boerboels we had envisioned we researched and studied everything about the health and performance of our boerboels uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents, cousins ect.. Based on our desire to produce well tempered, healthy, large bone, big head, wide chest, and beautifully impressive dogs we chose our breeding boerboel dogs.

Baden Boerboels M57317 (Pluto)

African Boerboel Pluto

Dopper Boerboels Greit

African Boerboel Bitch

Mouzer Ysterberg Boerboels Penny

Ysterberg Mouzer Penny

If you take a look at the our foundation pedigrees you will see a common theme of outstanding health temperaments substantial bone muscling and most importantly incredible head pieces. We firmly believe that with the bloodline we have chosen give us the oppurtunity of producing the South african Boerboels that we desire.

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